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Webinar: E-exporting made simple | USA

The US offers a fantastic springboard for UK retailers looking to increase their international sales, but navigating US regulations, understanding the local consumer and protecting profit margins can be tricky.

Watch our webinar with international expansion experts from We Are Pentagon and Newegg, showing you how e-exporting can be simplified with insights you can apply to your business right away!

We cover:
  • How to realise your business growth potential with US marketplaces
  • How to tackle the common problems with selling to the US
  • How to maximise profits when repatriating US dollar sales into pounds or euros

If you have any questions for the webinar hosts, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Jenni Day – We are Pentagon
[email protected]
Ben Morgan – Newegg
[email protected]
Oriana Marcolongo – Currencies Direct
[email protected]


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