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How to spring clean your online store (Marketing tips for the Easter holidays and beyond!)

online-sellerHow to spring clean your online store (Marketing tips for the Easter holidays and beyond!)
Spring is always an optimistic time of year. The gloom of winter is (largely) behind us, green is returning to the land, and people are looking forward to a little warmth.

It’s a positive time of year for online sellers as well, with some key shopping events appearing on the horizon. Easter is one great opportunity to increase your sales and build your customer base.

We’ve put together a list of Easter marketing tips to help you get the most from important events this spring.

1. Consider all the demographics

You need to consider all the different people who will be shopping for key events, and who they will be buying for.

For instance, people buy Easter gifts for children, partners and friends, so you need to be offering gifts which appeal to a range of age groups/interests.

If you don’t target different audiences with your marketing you could miss out on huge potential sales opportunities.

2. Think outside the box

In the same way you want to think outside the box in terms of your target market, you want to approach your Easter marketing in a creative way.

For instance, as far as businesses are concerned, Easter is about far more than just chocolate eggs. There are many themes that can be played upon during Easter, such as the idea of new life and fresh starts.

As long as you create a logical and organic link between your marketing and the event in question, it pays to think differently.

3. Create dedicated Easter product categories

You want to help people find the right gift or product as quickly and easily as possible; the simpler their shopping experience, the more likely they are to view you positively and become a repeat customer.

Having a special Easter category allows you to tag products that either fit the theme or that you think make popular gifts and present them in a way that promotes discoverability.

4. Use your email newsletter to good effect

Your email newsletter goes out to an audience of people who actively want to hear from you. Who better to remind of the upcoming festivities and direct to your latest products?

Provide your subscribers with tips and ideas for gifts, highlight the benefits of your offering (do you have free shipping, for instance?) or just serve as a reminder that the key event is approaching. People often forget, and many will appreciate the nudge.

5. Create themed content for social media

You should make the most of the Easter holidays to spice up your marketing with thematic messages. Injecting a little seasonal relevance into your social media can help to keep your content fresh and interesting.

There are numerous ways you can feature Easter in your social media marketing; try creating images or graphics, hashtags, polls or simply asking your followers a relevant question.

6. Create Easter landing pages

Whether you’ve driven traffic to your site from social media or a landing page, you want to put your most relevant offerings front-and-centre. The best way to do this is with a custom Easter landing page.

Collate your best and most-relevant products together to present to those who land on the page with everything they need to make a purchase there and then. It saves people having to hunt for what they need and ensures you direct their attention exactly where you want it to go.

Get better results from your spring marketing

Being thematic with your marketing not only keeps it fresh and engaging, but also more easily captures the attention of shoppers on the lookout for certain items.

You should do everything you can to make it easy for those looking for Easter gifts to find what they’re looking for.

Put our spring eCommerce marketing tips to good use and you’ll have a much better chance of increasing online sales this Easter!


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