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How to defend your Amazon seller account from hackers

online-sellerHow to defend your Amazon seller account from hackers
More online sellers than ever before are taking advantage of the international trading opportunities offered by Amazon marketplace. But the rise in sellers has also inspired an increase in those looking to profit from fraudulently accessing seller accounts.

By hacking into a sellers’ Amazon account, a fraudster is able to gain invaluable insights into the inner workings of a business, from ad performance to which products generate the most profit. Most seriously, they can cause serious cash flow issues by changing the bank details attached to an account to their own.

Scamming a company’s customers also has the potential to generate negative feedback and swiftly ruin its reputation.

Although Amazon has taken action against account hacking (such as asking you to verify your details when the bank account linked to your account changes) scam seller activity is still climbing. 

Virtual crime is becoming ever more sophisticated, so it’s important to take defensive action if you want to protect your Amazon seller account from hackers.


One of the simplest things you can do is to create a complex password for your seller account. Measures like ensuring your password contains a mix of upper and lower case characters are essential. Sites like ‘How Secure is My Password’ will tell you how long your password would take to crack and can help you set the most secure password possible. Changing your password on a regular basis is also important.

Two-Step Verification

Amazon now provide step-by-step instructions on how to turn two-step verification on. This is essentially a means of adding another layer of security to your account. With two-step verification enabled, you’ll be asked for information you know (your password) and additional information only you would have access to. In the case of Amazon this is typically either a code that’s texted to your phone or one generated using the Amazon Authenticator App on your mobile.  

Stay security focused

One of the ways hackers attempt to breach the security of Amazon accounts is to send the account holder an email with a link supposedly directing them to the Amazon login page. Never click on a link like this, the page you will be directed to will be fake and allow the hacker to capture your details as you enter them.

Currency collection accounts

If you deal with international payments you can also protect yourself from the dangers posed by account hacking by taking advantage of the highly secure currency collection accounts offered by providers like Currencies Direct.

Currency collection accounts allow you to secure better exchange rates when repatriating revenue from overseas marketplaces, and you can also improve efficiency by automating payments so incoming funds are instantly transferred to your domestic account.

Specialist overseas currency accounts such as the we issue reduce the risk of error or fraud as strict compliance procedures are adhered to during the account opening process to prevent unlawful activity.

Additionally, we’re authorised by the FCA and operate segregated client accounts for ultimate fund security.
Our currency collection accounts are used by thousands of sellers and accepted by Amazon because of the high standards we commit to.

If you have any reason to suspect your Amazon seller account may have been compromised, check your bank details immediately. Record and report any unusual activity and change your login details to prevent the hackers maintaining access.


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