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Grow your online business in the USA with better results

online-sellerGrow your online business in the USA with better results

The US is home to a $98 billion ecommerce industry that is still seeing significant growth, creating numerous opportunities for ambitious UK sellers.

While it can seem that selling to the US exposes you to many new obstacles, these can be negated more easily than you might think.

Our latest webinar looks at three key aspects of selling in the US; logistics, currency and tax.

The webinar features some great presentations from Craig Lee - Head of National Sales at GFS, our own Deepak Goyal, and Jake Estes – Regional Sales Manager EMEA for Avalara.

Key takeaways

The three presentations cover different essential aspects of selling online in the US.

Craig talks us through the US approach to shipping as well as:
  • Why US customers are happy to wait longer and pay more for delivery
  • How to conquer the main barriers US consumers have to buying from abroad
  • How to package your products to survive the journey and delight your US customers

Jake tackles the tricky issue of sales tax, including:
  • What a ‘nexus’ is and how this affects your tax liabilities
  • The complex nature of US sales tax, with its 14,000 plus jurisdictions
  • How to understand your tax requirements
  • How automation can help tax compliance

Deepak discusses the impact of currency volatility on restocking and revenue, and:
  • The main financial considerations when selling to customers in the US
  • The payment structure of Amazon marketplace and how this could be costing you thousands when repatriating profits
  • How to use a collection account to minimise transaction costs and protect profit
  • How to hedge against unpredictability

Our presenters also tackled some of the commonly asked questions posed to their sectors, including how to deal with shipping problems, paying suppliers using collection accounts and tax exemptions for B2B sellers.

Watch the recording and discover simple solutions to the challenges of selling online to the US.

Watch the recording


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