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Monthly Wrap: Top spots for your new holiday home

currency-newsMonthly Wrap: Top spots for your new holiday home
Although cost is a major consideration when buying a holiday home, in the end it all comes down to location, location, location.

Holidays are all about making great memories and relaxing from the rigours of everyday life, so you need to choose somewhere that meets your needs beyond the four walls of the property itself. The availability of good food, a temperate climate, solid infrastructure and fun things to do should all be taken into account.

With this in mind, here are some seriously attractive destinations for your new holiday idyll.

Spain – Still Brit’s número uno choice

Spain ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a sunny and accessible holiday hotspot. With the southern coast enjoying around 320-days of sunshine year-round, there’s little wonder this Mediterranean paradise is the British traveller’s first choice.

However, there’s far more to Spain than just good weather.

The land of eternal sunshine is also renowned for its rich food culture of tapas and paella, flamenco music and dancing, fine wines, sangria, siestas, and beaches, beaches, beaches. Moreover, according to the cost comparison website, Numbeo, consumer prices (including rent) are nearly 24% cheaper than in the UK.  

Organising a mortgage in Spain is remarkably similar to the British system, so you won’t have to worry about unexpected regulations. There’s also a wide choice of property on offer, from cosy and affordable apartments to rural retreats and urban living spaces.

If it’s scenery you’re after, Spain’s got it all – forests, alpine regions, volcanic islands and a jaw-dropping Mediterranean coastline. Did we mention the beaches?

Greece and the island of Crete – a new home in the land of the gods

The diverse, historic and majestic nation of Greece has much in common with Spain, with a laid back culture, sun-soaked coastline, historic monuments and world famous cuisine.

Cosmopolitan and widely English-speaking cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki make an ideal base for second home owners. But, of course, Greece also encompasses a number of the world’s most stunning island paradises; Crete being the largest and most populated of the Aegean nirvanas and an idyllic site for your private getaway.

Crete has avoided much of the chaos of the Greek economic crisis and has its own airport. Cretans are also passionate people and quick to embrace newcomers.

Croatia – the Adriatic’s hidden paradise

Croatia boasts an incredible 1,185 islands and is as Mediterranean as it’s possible to be without being in the Mediterranean. But unlike Spain and Greece, Croatia and the raft of Croatian islands are often overlooked as a potential holiday home hotspot.

Croatia borders the Adriatic Sea and enjoys rich turquoise, crystal-clear waters and golden sandy beaches.
Croatia is geographically diverse, with sweeping coastlines, alpine mountains and a semi-tropical climate, making for a visually stunning country which is increasingly popular as an expat destination.

Favourable property prices and an abundance of expat enclaves make it an excellent place to retire and the ideal location for a second home.

A famous Irish playwright once said that those who seek paradise on earth should visit Dubrovnik, Croatia’s southernmost city. Dubrovnik is on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its historic and preserved Medieval Old Town which offers the perfect mix of urbanity and holiday-atmosphere for second home owners.

From Dubrovnik you can catch a full-day boat trip and take in some of the other Croatian islands, or you could walk the cobbled limestone streets and drop into one of the city’s celebrated restaurants. Here you’ll find a world-encompassing cuisine combining Italian and Turkish influences – including risottos and pizzas with a unique Croatian twist.
Spain, Greece and Croatia all have so much to offer, but before investing in a holiday home be sure to do your research and visit your nation of choice so you have all the facts available!  
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