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Monthly Wrap: Check out the best emigration destinations for families

currency-newsMonthly Wrap: Check out the best emigration destinations for families
Moving abroad can be a difficult process no matter your circumstances, and relocating with a family is often that bit more stressful.

But could emigrating to particular countries help with your family’s readjustment after the move?

According to expat networking group InterNations, around 21% of expats move abroad with their children. The group recently conducted a survey covering 43 different aspects of daily life and used the results to rank nations according to how good they are for raising a family.

Keep reading to find out which countries came out on top…


Outside of being the birth place of Nokia, Finland is also known for ranking highly on a number of global indexes for national performance, in particular for quality of life and education, two of the most important considerations when choosing the best place to raise a family. This contributed to the country claiming first place in this year’s InterNations’ survey.

Although sometimes seen as unorthodox by other countries, Finland’s educational system regularly tops international rankings. Pupils enjoy very little homework and only take exams in their late teens.

Expats already living in the nation also praised Finland’s public services, which they say contribute positively to children’s health and safety.   

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic shot up in the rankings this year, jumping from 14th to 2nd place in 2017 as expats increasingly warm to the eastern European country thanks to its culturally rich cities and relatively low cost of living.

When it comes to raising a family in the Czech Republic expats are particularly impressed by the low cost of education, which remains affordable for most families even when sending a child to a specialist English-speaking school.

The Czech Republic also offers plenty of extra-curricular activities for children, with many learning to play an instrument at some point in their life due to schools’ heavy focus on music.


Israel climbed one space to come in 3rd in this year’s survey, with over 80% of expat parents in the country being impressed by the childcare and education options open to them.

Education and the wellbeing of children is seen as particularly important in Israeli culture, with the focus in education leading to a higher than average number of adults having achieved a tertiary education degree.

Israel’s universal healthcare system also helped the country claim the third spot in this year’s survey, with the availability of many high quality, modern hospitals and well trained staff helping expats and their families feel that their medical needs are always adequately met.


Austria claims 4th place in the 2017 survey, having fallen from the top spot last year following a perceived decline in the quality of education.

However, Austria remains popular with expats raising families, in part thanks to its world class healthcare system and the security and stability offered by its declaration of independence.

Austria’s high ranking is also thanks to the country’s natural beauty and clean environment, which is thought to improve the quality of life of those living there.


Given that two Nordic nations have managed to top this year’s list, it’s unlikely to be much of a surprise that high education and healthcare standards have helped Sweden claim 5th place in the 2017 rankings.

Those expats surveyed were particularly impressed by Sweden’s childcare policies, which see all children aged between 1 and 5 guaranteed a place in a public kindergarten, making it far easier for parents to return to work before the children are school aged.

Sweden is also very welcoming to expats, who make up a sizable portion of the population.  The general attitude helps children settle in and find new friends quickly, which can definitely make the transition a lot easier for the entire family.
Of course raising a family is not an exact science and you may find your experiences of these countries are not as positive as the survey results imply. If you’re considering moving abroad with your family there’s no substitute for thorough research!
Philip McHugh

Philip McHugh

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