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Monthly Wrap: Are these the most spectacular expat destinations?

currency-newsMonthly Wrap: Are these the most spectacular expat destinations?
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

From beloved locations like Spain to celebrity enclaves, fantasy-resorts and luxury plots, here’s our whistle stop tour of some of the globe’s stand-out expat destinations…

A destination adored by many

Some destinations are so beloved by both locals and expats that their popularity never goes out of style.
Spain, New York, Australia, and Italy are all long-standing favourites with expats, and all for their own unique reasons.

Spain in particular remains Britain’s favourite overseas retirement destination with its endless beaches of golden sand, glorious sunshine and mañana way of life.

Whether you’re drawn to New York’s myriad entertainment and culture, the summery English-speaking cities of Australia, or the world-famous food and history of Italy, there’s much to be said for following the beaten path.

A destination for high-rollers

If you prefer a less well-trodden path and a premium expat lifestyle, indulgent and exclusive locations are the order of the day – and some seem designed with high-rollers firmly in mind.

Dubai tops the list if you’re looking for a celebrity lifestyle, world-class entertainment and other-worldly architecture. An actively developing and modernised city, Dubai boasts some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and science-fiction resorts straight out of a movie.

Prepare to rub shoulders with the likes of David Beckham, Giorgio Armani, Lindsay Lohan and Michael Schumacher, just some of the celebs who see Dubai as the ultimate playground.

Singapore offers similar levels of opulence but rises above Dubai in terms of stability, offering a more settled, less frenetic pace of life. Choose from a wide variety of breath-taking homes designed specifically for those who enjoy the glamourous vibes of cosmopolitan life.

When it comes to the resort lifestyle, the USA has plenty to offer. Florida remains one of the world’s most popular resort-capitals and provides the perfect sun-drenched setting for a sumptuous beachside retirement.

If Florida is too pedestrian, why not grab a millionaire mansion in the gated communities of Las Vegas and spend your evenings tripping the light fantastic?

A destination as close to fantasy as it gets

Living in a premium gated community or a resort-town might already sound like a fantasy-come-true, but did you know you can now live in Disney World?

In a relatively recent addition to the ‘most magical place on Earth’, an inspired array of idyllic one-of-a-kind properties are now available to buy in the fantasy-soaked Disney Golden Oak neighbourhood of Florida.

With your own private pool, views across manicured gardens, Florida weather, and even the odd hidden Mickey Mouse, the unique Disney touch will transform your resort experience into something even more enchanting.

A destination which offers ultimate island living

When the nations of the world fail to meet your exacting standards, the only remaining answer is a country of your own.

The aptly-named Private Islands Online lists dozens of available islands situated all around the globe. Some can be purchased, while others are available for rent. All are unique and with a surprising array of choice there’s surely something for even the most particular would-be James Bond Villain.

Whether you’re looking for a wild forest and a cosy log cabin or your own personal resort there’s an island somewhere with your name on it!
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