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6 reasons to move to New Zealand

currency-news6 reasons to move to New Zealand
Have you been considering a move to New Zealand? Here are five great reasons to make the leap.

1. Into the wild

New Zealand is that rarest of locations; an almost untouched wilderness.

While Australia boasts some of the deadliest species in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand offers landscapes unchanged by time or man and a more mild-mannered, but no less fascinating, diversity of wildlife.

From the yellow-eyed penguins of Oamaru to the Māui dolphin, one of the rarest and smallest bottlenoses in the world, to the famous Kiwi – a national treasure – New Zealand harbours many of the world’s most exotic species. 

2. World class education

If you intend to move with your family or start a family once you’ve emigrated, schools and education will be a significant consideration. New Zealand’s education system, ranked as one of the best in the world, follows the primary, secondary and tertiary education model of the UK.

Citizens and permanent residents benefit from free schooling between the ages of 5 and 19 with state funded Early Childhood Centres, playcentres and kindergarten covering ages 0 to 5.

3. New Zealand Wants You!

Educators, accountants, construction workers and healthcare professionals, along with many other sectors and their associated skills, are all in high demand.

Are you under 55 and have the kind of skills New Zealand needs? You could be eligible for visa applications under the Skilled Migrant category. The visa, a points based system, offers you the opportunity to apply to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely.

4. A home from home

If you thought the transition from UK living to a New Zealand lifestyle might prove daunting, think again! Consider some of the similarities:
  • English is the official language of New Zealand so no need to learn the local dialect.
  • As a former British colony, expats from the UK can expect to adapt quickly.
  • Fish and chips.
  • Right-hand drive cars.
  • A familiar political system, with Westminster style parliament and offices.

5. Time to slow down

Looking for a change from the frenetic rush of modern city-life to the laid-back pace of a calmer, simpler age? New Zealand is the perfect destination.

New Zealanders are famed for their ability to relax, kick back and enjoy the good things in life. Work-life balance, a good sense of humour and community spirit are all paramount, but so too is a welcoming atmosphere. Kiwi hospitality is second to none.

6. Eco credentials

The environment is high on New Zealand’s agenda. Considered one of the most ecologically progressive and sustainable countries in the world, New Zealand boasts many innovations, not least the passive house (an emerging idea now found across the rest of the world).

New Zealand recently declared its intentions to reduce single-use plastic by a whopping 55 million items by the end of 2019 and almost all the country’s electricity is generated by hydro-electric, solar and wind power plants, with zero reliance on nuclear energy.

So if you care deeply about the environment and want to live in a place that shares your values, New Zealand may be the perfect match.
A recent report predicting the future of New Zealand declared the country was on track to become a veritable paradise-on-Earth by 2050, all as a result of its eco-policies and culture.

Now may be the perfect time to jump in with both feet. So why not take a deep breath and embark on a new life in this fascinating paradise down under.
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