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6 must-listen podcasts for expats in 2021

currency-news6 must-listen podcasts for expats in 2021
When moving abroad trying to find the right information you need can be really tough. Do you read through different books to find one tiny piece of information? Is it better to sift through the chat forums for that one useful post?

Even more so, what if you already live abroad? You’ve made the move but still feel as if there are things you can learn from your new life, or maybe you just want to hear from other people who’ve made the same leap.

That’s where podcasts come in.

We’ve put together the podcasts that you as an expat (or future expat!) should be listening to in 2021. From podcasts that help you to build a business overseas, to family shows where expats from across the world share their stories, you can experience expat life from another viewpoint, maybe even get involved to share your stories with the world.

The Bittersweet Life

The Bittersweet Life is hosted by childhood friends Katy Sewall and Tiffany Parks. With two different perspectives, Katy lived in Rome for a year before moving back to the United States, whereas Tiffany has been living in Rome for over fifteen years, the podcast states on its website that ‘what began as a podcast about what it means to live abroad has become a dynamic examination of what it means to live.’

With episodes released twice a week, one which focuses on actually taking you onto the streets of Rome or Seattle, The Bittersweet Life regularly features world-class writers and thinkers.

Recommended episode: Episode 251: SHOULD

The Expat Repat Podcast

Hosted by former American expat in Switzerland Lindsey Mclean, The Expat Repat Podcast explores all the ins and outs of expat life, including one many don’t think about, moving back home.

Lindsey speaks of her own experiences and repatriation blues, but also invites others who have been in similar situations onto the show. Lindsey also runs an award-winning blog called ‘Swiss Lark,’ which also covers all things expat and repat life, including homesickness and reverse culture shock.

Recommended episode: Jessica Drucker, Global Nomad Travel Blogger Turned Repat Author

Thriving Abroad

Thriving Abroad is like a moving to another country ‘for dummies’ guide in podcast form. The weekly insights for expats feature a different guest each episode covering topics from parenting as an expat, to international health insurance.

The show focuses on different topics to help you as much as they can before, or after you move abroad. Occasionally, episodes are thrown in that share expat stories from places such as Portugal to Asia.

Recommended episode: Lessons in Entrepreneurship. Lessons for building an international business and life

Expat Hour Podcast

Expat Hour is hosted by Austyn, an American expat living in the Netherlands with four children. She not only hosts the podcast and runs a blog but has also compiled a list of important resources for moving to different countries, including China and Spain.

The podcast itself includes inspiring stories from different expats living in various countries, detailing the highs and lows of expat life whilst inspiring listeners to have their own stories to tell (there is a link on Austyn’s website to request to be on the show!).

Recommended episode: James: Expat Teen in Qatar, Germany and The Netherlands

Meet the Expats

In Meet the Expats you will hear ‘stories from expats all over the world as they share their motivations, challenges and unique experiences in the new place they have decided to call home for a few years, months or a lifetime’.

Adjusting to expat life is a big focus in Meet the Expats, from dating to looking for a job, expat guests talk about moving their lives. With top secret addresses and favourite spots to eat, Meet the Expats tells you everything you need to know before settling into a new place.

Recommended episode: When a pandemic makes you settle down in Cambodia

Expat Focus

The Expat Focus podcast is for general information about living abroad. The podcasts seem more like news articles, but they’re full to the brim of informative and to-the-point advice and tips. From key issues for expats regarding Brexit to expat experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, the podcast covers serious topics that may be overlooked.

Expat Focus, as the name states, has a big focus on podcasts that discuss one country at a time, for example ‘How to Move to Vietnam.’ Expat Focus also offers a blog and newsletter to keep up-to-date with all the latest expat news.

Recommended episode: What You Need To Know About Expat Life In Costa Rica

Whether you’re just starting to think about moving abroad, or you’re already an expat, listening to these podcasts for expats in 2021 will uncover invaluable insight into living abroad.
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